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St. Francis Area Schools
A PreK-12 public school district serving the communities of Athens Township, Andover, Bethel, East Bethel, Linwood Township, Nowthen, Oak Grove, St. Francis and Stanford Township

590 District Electronic Communications


Independent School District 15 (ISD No. 15) has established district electronic communications to provide appropriate learning experiences for students and staff and an opportunity to communicate with parents and the community. Electronic communications provide a powerful tool to support the educational goals and mission of the district.


The superintendent or designee will appoint a District Communications Manager, responsible for maintaining  the district website and monitoring district electronic communications. The District Technology Committee will develop guidelines for district electronic communications. The content of district electronic communications must support and promote the mission of ISD No. 15. 


District Electronic Communications includes, but is not limited to district websites, email, social media, parent communication and notification, content streaming and district list-serves.

  1. District Websites - For the purpose of this policy and related documents, a district web site is defined as any web site or page provided by the district or approved by the superintendent or designee, including sites created by and/or for staff, schools, district-level departments or the district as a whole. 
  2. Email - For the purpose of this policy and related documents, email is defined as any written communication going through the district's email system, including listservs and eNotify.
  3. Social Media - For the purpose of this policy and related documents, public online social media are defined to include: websites, web logs (blogs), wikis, social networks, online forums, virtual worlds and any other interactive social media generally available to the public on the Internet (e.g., blog sites, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).
  4. Parent Notification - For the purpose of this policy and related documents, parent communication and notification are defined as any communication to a group of parents or guardians using district electronic resources (e.g., telephone, eNews, group email, text messaging, etc.).  
  5. Content Streaming - For the purpose of this policy and related documents, content streaming is defined as the live Internet broadcast of any district function. 


A. All District electronic communications must support and promote the mission of ISD No. 15 and are to be used for educational purposes. Users have a responsibility to use these resources in an ethical, legal, efficient and productive manner.

B. District electronic communications present an image of the district to the world, and therefore must undergo the same scrutiny and careful preparation given to any other form of official district publication.

  1. District Websites - content of the district website and school websites must support and promote the mission of ISD No. 15.  The district website is not intended to be an archive of district information. The district website will provide current information to students, staff, and parents, including web access to classroom-related information and other educational resources.  In order to support curriculum and instruction-related class activities, and to communicate with students and parents, all schools, departments, and educational staff will have a web presence on the district website and a process for updating that web presence.   
  2. Email - ISD No. 15 recognizes the importance of communication with students, staff, and families and provides email access to all current staff for a limited educational purpose.  Email is currently the district's primary method of  communicating with staff, therefore, staff are expected to access the email system on a regular basis.  All incoming and outgoing email communications will be archived for four years.  Content of the district email system must support and promote the mission of ISD No. 15.       
  3. Social Media - ISD No. 15 recognizes the value and increasing role of online social media in electronic communications.  The district will have a social media presence and will use that presence to support and promote the mission of ISD No. 15.
  4. Parent Notification - ISD No. 15 recognizes the importance of communication with students, staff, and families and provides appropriate tools to facilitate these notifications, ranging from emergency notices to messages to staff and/or parent groups.
  5. Content Streaming - ISD No. 15 recognizes the importance of making district audio and video content available online, via the district's website.  The district's goal is to use content streaming to increase efficiency and accessibility.  

Staff who use the district’s electronic communications tools are expected to abide by this policy and procedures, in addition to the district’s Acceptable Use Policy and copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code).

Adopted: June 13, 2011

School Board
Independent School District No. 15
St. Francis, Minnesota

Procedures: District Electronic Communications

These procedures will provide direction and establish criteria for the use of district electronic communications.

A. District Website

  1. Material appropriate for placement on the district website includes: district information, school information, teacher or class information, the district curriculum and curriculum-related resources, approved student projects, extracurricular organization information and ISD No. 15 community education activities. Personal and non-educational information will not be allowed on the website.
  2. The superintendent, or designee, will appoint a district webmaster responsible for maintaining the official district website and monitoring all district web activity. The District Technology Committee will develop style and content guidelines for official district and school web materials, and develop procedures for the placement and removal of such material.
  3. Content on the district website and school web pages must support and promote the mission of ISD No. 15. The district webmaster will be responsible for monitoring all web pages on the district website. Inappropriate and questionable content will be removed. Requests for reinstatement of content that was removed may be made to the Office of School Technology Coordinator. Challenges to content on the website by district staff, parents, or community members will be processed in this order: District Technology Committee, superintendent, and finally, the ISD No. 15 school board for reconsideration of the material.
  4. The district website will provide students, staff, and parents with a web portal to classroom-related calendars, grades, attendance, assignments, and resources.

B. School Web Pages

  1. The building principal will be responsible for managing the school's web pages and monitoring class, teacher, and co-curricular/extracurricular web pages. All official school material will be consistent with the district style and content guidelines. Content of school web pages must support and promote the mission of ISD No. 15. The building principal may develop guidelines unique to their school’s mission with assistance from the webmaster.

C. Teacher Web Pages/Student Web Pages

  1. All teachers will establish a web page(s) that supports curriculum and instruction related class activities, and that provides a resource for other teachers. Teacher web pages will be used to communicate relevant classroom information to students and parents. Teachers will be responsible for maintaining the content of their classroom and/or educational resource sites.
    a. All staff will have a directory listing on the ISD No. 15 website. The directory listing includes  name, title, department, location, phone number, email (hyperlink), and photo.
  2. Teacher web pages will be developed in such a manner to support and promote the mission of ISD No. 15. District guidelines for the development of web pages will be followed. Student work resulting from classroom projects will be posted on the respective teacher’s web page with appropriate parental permission.
    a. Teachers may create a limited number of district web pages as part of a class activity. Material presented on a web page designed for such an activity must meet the educational objectives of the class activity.
    b. Removal of material that fails to meet established educational objectives and district website guidelines, that is in violation of a provision of the Acceptable Use procedures, or student disciplinary code will not be considered a violation of a student’s right to free speech.
    c. Student web pages, under teacher supervision for class projects, must include the following notice: “This is a student web page. Opinions expressed on this page shall not be attributed to the Independent School District No. 15 or any of its schools.”
    d. The classroom teacher and principal will approve the content of class project web pages. Student web pages will be removed at the end of each trimester unless special arrangements are made.

D. Co-curricular/extra-curricular Organization Web Pages

  1. With the approval of a building principal and Office of School Technology Coordinator, co-curricular and extra-curricular organizations may establish web pages. Material presented on the co-curricular/extra-curricular organization web page must relate specifically to organization activities. The co-curricular/extra-curricular advisor/coach will oversee and maintain the content of these web pages.
  2. Co-curricular/extra-curricular organization web pages must include the following notice: “This is a co-curricular/extra-curricular organization web page. Opinions expressed on this page shall not be attributed to Independent School District No. 15 or any of its schools.”

E. Web Page Requirements

  1. District Acceptable Use procedures and school board policies govern material placed on ISD No. 15 web pages.
  2. Web pages will be designed using the guidelines established by the District Technology Committee. The guide is available from the district webmaster.
  3. Web pages shall not contain the addresses or phone numbers of students. With appropriate parental permission, a first name or a first name with the first letter of the last name is preferred, for security reasons.
  4. The procedure for the display of photographs or videos of any identifiable student or staff member on the district’s web site shall be consistent with school board policy.
  5. Web pages shall not contain copyrighted or trademarked material belonging to others unless written permission to display such material has been obtained from the owner. There will be no assumption that the publication of copyrighted material on a website is within the fair use exemption.
  6. Staff engaged in producing web pages using materials from other websites must provide the district webmaster with email or printed copyright permissions to file before the web pages are published. In the case of public domain documents, printed evidence must be provided to document the status of the material.
  7. The failure of a site to display a copyright notice may not be interpreted as permission to copy the materials. Only the copyright owner may provide the permission.
  8. Material placed on the website is expected to meet academic standards of proper spelling, grammar, and accuracy of information. The ISD No. 15 logo and other district logos placed on the website are to meet standards set forth in the ISD No. 15 style guide.
  9. Students may retain the rights to the material they create that is posted on the web. Copyright on materials created by staff using district equipment and/or on district time is the property of ISD No. 15.
  10. Web pages shall display the navigation aid (breadcrumb trail) that will help users define both the current location within the site hierarchy as well as primary pages above the current page.
  11. The Office of School Technology shall retain a back-up copy of district web pages.

F. Email

The district manages an email system for business communication purposes. Email sent and received via a email address should be related to school district business. The district recognizes that some personal use of district email is acceptable; however, excessive use is not acceptable. Electronic messages stored on the district’s email system are considered district property. Administrators or network personnel may review messages to maintain system integrity, to cooperate with local, state or federal authorities, or to investigate activities not in compliance with the district’s policies and procedures.   

All outgoing and incoming emails are automatically archived and stored off-site for three years. Email systems are not secure or confidential message systems. This applies whether messages are sent internally (to another district email address) or externally. Consequently, information requiring protection should not be sent by email.

Staff are provided with an email account to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication, both within the organization and with the broader community.  

Staff are expected to:

  1. Check email at least daily
  2. Respond to email messages in a timely fashion, usually within two business days.
  3. District staff are provided a limited amount of email storage.  It is the responsibility of staff to manage the content of their email account.
  4. Avoid sending attachments larger than 10 MB.  For large file transfers contact your building tech or the Office of School Technology.
  5. Subscribe only to listservs that are critical to your job responsibilities.
  6. Do not forward or respond to chainmail-type communications.
  7. Do not respond to spam or phishing attempts by clicking any links or providing any account information. The Office of School Technology staff will NEVER ask for account information via email.
  8. UALL is for district-related communications intended for all district staff.  A UALL message sends more than a thousand emails; have your supervisor review the message prior to sending.
  9. Email messages to others should be consistent with professional practices used for other correspondence, as outlined in the ISD No. 15 Publication Guidelines. 

Staff using email to correspond with parents and students must adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Staff must use the district provided email account for all parent and student communications.  Use of a staff personal email account for parent/student communications is not authorized.
  2. Email is not the correct communication method for contentious, emotional, or highly confidential issues. These issues are more effectively dealt with through a phone call or face to face meeting.
  3. Communicate only with parent email addresses listed in the Student Information System (SIS) unless steps have been taken to verify that the communication is occurring with a parent/guardian that has educational rights for the student.
  4. Care should be taken when using student’s names. Refer to students by first names, initials or “your son/daughter” depending on the content.
  5. Email messages to students may not include content of a personal nature.
  6. Carbon copy parents on emails to students.  

G. Social Media

  1. ISD No. 15 will have a presence on Twitter and Facebook and other social networks as deemed acceptable by the District Technology Committee.
  2. The webmaster, or other assigned by the superintendent, will post content and monitor activity on Twitter and Facebook.   
  3. Content posted will be consistent with school board policy and is to be used to promote the mission of ISD No. 15.

H. Parent Notification

  1. ISD No. 15 will communicate with students, staff, and families and provide appropriate and timely information, ranging from emergency notices to school-related messages.
  2. Only the superintendent or a designee are authorized to make all-District calls.
  3. Only principals are authorized to make all-school calls except in emergency situations.
  4. Messages to specific groups within a school must be authorized by the principal.
  5. Overuse of the automated calling system (more than once per week) should be avoided except when needed for emergency messages.
  6. Messages related to district closure, including cancellation of after-school activities, or emergency situations must be authorized through superintendent or designee.

I. Content Streaming and Broadcasting

  1. ISD No. 15 will make district audio and video content available online to promote and share educational events with students, staff and the community.
  2. This content will be accessible via the district website or other district-authorized web resources.
  3. Audio and video content recorded or produced during district functions or school-sanctioned activities is the property of ISD No. 15 and may not be broadcast without express written permission.
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