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St. Francis Area Schools
A PreK-12 public school district serving the communities of Athens Township, Andover, Bethel, East Bethel, Linwood Township, Nowthen, Oak Grove, St. Francis and Stanford Township

116 General Record Retention Schedule


The School Board hereby adopts the record retention schedule developed by the State Department of Administration as published in January 2000 and as amended as its record retention policy. The purpose of adopting a records retention schedule is to provide a plan for managing governmental records by giving continuing authority to dispose of records under applicable Minnesota Statues. The Superintendent of Schools shall establish a procedure pursuant to the general record retention schedule, as adopted, which will comply with state statutes for the disposal of public records of the School District.

(The schedule and procedures are in the policy manual located at each site.)

Adopted: September 11, 2000

School Board
Independent School District 15
St. Francis, Minnesota

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