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St. Francis Area Schools
A PreK-12 public school district serving the communities of Athens Township, Andover, Bethel, East Bethel, Linwood Township, Nowthen, Oak Grove, St. Francis and Stanford Township

Pertussis Information

The Anoka County Community Health & Environmental Services Department, Disease Prevention and Control, has issued an urgent public heath alert (August 2012). The entire seven-county metro area, including Anoka County, is currently an epidemic area for pertussis (whooping cough).

In accordance with Anoka County, the following recommendation is communicated to St. Francis Area Schools staff:
All adults, most especially those who work with children, as well as parents, guardians and grandparents, women who are greater than 20 weeks pregnant or receiving postpartum care and infant and toddler caregivers should have a current Tdap. Unvaccinated adults can transmit pertussis without experiencing the same symptoms as children.

Pertussis (whooping cough) is a disease that affects the lungs. Pertussis bacteria are spread from person to person through the air. A person with pertussis develops a severe cough that usually lasts four to six weeks or longer. Pertussis can be very serious, especially in children.

Minnesota Department of Health Pertussis Information

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