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St. Francis Area Schools
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Text-based, Gmail training documents from Google.
If you are accessing this page of video tutorials from outside the district, you will be prompted to login with Atomic Learning. Please use isd15 as the username and saints as the password.

Composing Messages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I make Gmail my default email, so when I click on an email address, Gmail opens?

A. You can do this, but it does require you to install a small software application that is still in testing. This program will prompt you for your Google mail login each time you start your computer, but it will make all "clickable" email addresses open in Google mail. Instructions from Google.

2.Is there a way to get the interface of Gmail I see on my computer to display on my iPad or iPhone?

A. If you would like the "full web" version of Google mail on your iPad or iPhone, just use this link in the iOS Safari browser: Once you get to this link and are logged in, you can create a bookmark in Safari, or even add it as an "app" button on your homescreen.

3. How do I configure my mobile device for my work Google mail and calendars?

A. To get the best experience on an Apple device, it's best to set up two accounts--one to handle your mail and contacts and one to handle your calendar(s). Apple users can follow these video instructions or these text instructions for configuring your mail account on the device. Follow these instructions for setting up your calendars.

Android instructions are here and Windows phones here (use for the server name, regardless of the device).

4. Can I change the subject line of a message reply or forward?

A. Yes, you can. Check out the image below.

5. Where does my mail go after I read it?

A. If you're NOT using the standard inbox format, Google puts read mail in its own section of your inbox, either "Read Mail" or "Everything Else," depending on how you're set up. Otherwise, read mail is mixed in with your unread messages in your general inbox, similar to the format Outlook used. (If you want to check out the different ways you can set up your inbox, check out video #2 in the "Settings, Tabs, & Tabs" section above.)

6. How can I find a message using the mail search box?

A. This question has multiple answers. There are several ways to make Google search your mail account, so first check out this Atomic Learning video for ways to use the Mail search box. Your search terms may include a sender or recipient name (full or partial), folder, date range, or a key word or words. Check out Google's list of advanced search options here that provide a powerful search of your inbox.

7. Can I create an event on my calendar from an email?

A. This is a great feature of Google Mail! When you are reading a message, you should see a "More" button at the very top of the message. If you click that button, you will get a drop down menu, and in that menu, you'll see the option "Create event" (see pic below). This "Create event" option will open up a Calendar details page where you can set the time and date of the event, edit invitees, and see the contents of the original email in the "Description" box. Click "Save" and you're good to go!

8. Is there any way to adjust the width of the left sidebar in my mail page?

A. Actually there is a pretty easy way if you're a Chrome user. Download this small file to your desktop, then go to your Chrome Settings--Tools--Extensions. When that window pops open, reduce your browser window so you can see your desktop. Drag the file you downloaded into the "Extensions" window, and Chrome will ask if you want to enable the extension. Say OK, and you're good to go! When you re-fresh your inbox page, you'll now see double-dashed, vertical lines between your labels (folders) and your messages. These lines are now "slideable"!

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