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St. Francis Area Schools
A PreK-12 public school district serving the communities of Athens Township, Andover, Bethel, East Bethel, Linwood Township, Nowthen, Oak Grove, St. Francis and Stanford Township

Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)

Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a program that allows students in grades 10, 11, and 12 to earn both high school and college credit while still in high school. Enrollment in and successful completion of college-level, nonsectarian courses at eligible participating postsecondary institutions will earn the student college credits. Most PSEO courses are offered on the campus of the postsecondary institution; some courses are offered online. Each participating college or university sets its own requirements for enrollment into the PSEO courses. High school juniors and seniors may take PSEO courses on a full or part-time basis; 10th graders may take one career/technical PSEO course. If they earn at lease a grade C in that class, they may take additional PSEO courses.

There is no charge to PSEO students for tuition, books or fees for items that are required to participate in a course. Students must meet the PSEO residency and eligibility requirements and abide by participation limits specified in Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.09. If a school district determines a pupil is not on track to graduate, she/he may continue to participate in PSEO. Funds are available to help pay transportation expenses for qualifying students to participate in PSEO courses on college campuses.

Students must notify their school by May 30 if they want to participate in PSEO for the following school year.

For current information about the PSEO program, visit Minnesota Department of Education Postsecondary Enrollment Options.


  • Sophomores- need to rank in the upper 1/10 of their class to participate in PSEO (10th grader students may take one career/technical PSEO course)
  • Juniors - need to rank in the upper 1/3 of their class to participate in PSEO
  • Seniors - need to rank in the upper 1/2 of their class to participate in PSEO

Important note

Taking PSEO course work may affect your credits and the ability to graduate on time. Please discuss and carefully coordinate this issue with your counselor. It is the students' responsibility to monitor their own progress to meet graduation requirements. PSEO students are expected to meet the State of Minnesota public high school standards and Local Graduation requirements.

If a student fails or withdraws from a course it is their responsibility to contact their counselor right away to discuss potential credit recovery options if needed.

Participating Minnesota Colleges

Access the list of Participating Postsecondary Institutions


  • The student can begin earning college credits which are paid for by the state.
  • The student will experience the college culture
  • It is the students responsibility to contact the school regarding high school information such as scholarships, graduation, etc.
  • PSEO requires students to have a high degree of self discipline due to fewer rules and regulations, less structure for homework, and large exams and papers determining most or all of a grade.
  • Very limited parental involvement in regard to attendance, progress, grade and behavioral issues. Parents are not notified when students withdraw, miss class or fail a class


  1. Students interested should still register for all 15 SFHS classes as if they were planning on attending here the following year.
  2. Beginning in March interested students should speak with Ms. Svihel in the counseling office to get their names on the list for group PSEO meetings. Counselors will meet with students in small groups to go over general information and application process and then one on one to go over individual student needs and paperwork.
  3. Students must notify their counselor of their intention to participate in the PSEO program by May 30. If the deadline is missed you may not participate for the following year.

PSEO Forms:

Approved Courses

The following is a list of approved departments at Anoka-Ramsey Community College that courses will be accepted at St. Francis High School for core requirements:




ECON, GEOG (grade 11);
HIST - World OR European (grade 12)





ALG 2 (Equivalent)

ALG (4cr)




ELECTIVESAll others are considered elective

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