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426 Parent or Legal Guardian Participation in School Programs


The purpose of this policy is to inform parents or legal guardians of the position of the school board on participation in school programs.


Independent School District No. 15 welcomes and encourages parents or legal guardians to participate in school programs. The District believes that coordination of efforts at home and school is key to successful programming for all students


A. When parents or legal guardians choose to participate within the school setting, the following guidelines must be followed in order to avoid disrupting the education of students.

  1. Parents or legal guardians must notify the principal or classroom teacher at least 24 (twenty four) hours in advance to get approval to observe or visit the classroom. Immediately upon entering a district facility, all parents or legal guardians must report to the school office and comply with all requirements of visitors.
  2. It is expected that parents or legal guardians will not create or participate in creating a disruption to the education of their son or daughter, or other students in the classroom. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, not sitting or standing in the area designated by the classroom teacher, using a raised voice, yelling, talking with the teacher or a student while observing. No taking of photographs, video recording or audio recording is allowed during observation.
  3. If parents or legal guardians are present to assist in a volunteer capacity, the roles and responsibilities should be outlined prior to the visit in order to avoid interrupting the teaching staff and students during instruction. When volunteering, all parent or legal guardians must comply with all requirements of volunteers.
  4. Upon completing the participation or volunteering, the parent or legal guardian must immediately report to the school office. Parents or legal guardians must discuss their observations or experiences after school, or at a mutually agreed upon time when instruction would not be interrupted.
  5. A parent or legal guardian may be denied permission to participate or such permission may be revoked if the parent or legal guardian does not comply with the school district procedures and regulations or if participation is not in the best interest of students, employees or the school district. Permission may be denied or revoked for failure to comply with any part of this policy.
  6. Parent or legal guardian observation will be limited to three occasions per school year. An additional observation may be granted, in the event their son or daughter’s Individualized Education Program changes or is proposed to change, after the third observation of the year. A request may be denied on an inappropriate day such as when a test is administered or there is a substitute teacher or guest speaker.
  7. If a parent or legal guardian believes that their request has been improperly denied, a written appeal may be submitted to the Superintendent. The decision of the Superintendent is final.

Adopted: May 13, 2019

School Board
Independent School District 15
St. Francis, Minnesota

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